Therapy groups offer a wide range of services to address issues that include:  stress-management, psycho-education, anger management, coping, grief and loss, anxiety and depression.  Expressive art mediums are tools used to facilitate imagination and growth.

Art Therapy & Mindfulness Group for Teens

  • Creative Tools for Self-Expression and Relaxation
  • Skills for Managing Anxiety and Depression
  • Teens Ages 13-17

Art Therapy Group for Teens with Autism

  • Creative Tools for Self-Expression and Relaxation
  • Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder Ages 13-16

Girls Art Therapy Group

  • In this unique group, girls get a chance to learn the basics of several art forms while discovering new materials, connecting and having fun!
  • Age 8-12

Art Camp for Kids

  • This fun, dynamic art camp will allow children to enjoy the timeless wisdom and symbolic value of children’s stories-- such as fairy tales, folk and poetry through art and play.
  • Group 1: Ages 5-8
  • Group 2: Ages 9-12

If no date or time is indicated, this typically means that there is a waiting list or that participant interest is being collected to determine appropriate meeting dates/times. A minimum number of 3-4 participants will be required for the service to take place. 

This means that your input will allow for future opportunities as well as dates/times that are most convenient for you! In addition, services can frequently be tailored to meet client needs and desires. So please provide as much information as you feel comfortable.

Please complete the following interest form, which will be reviewed, considered and responded to accordingly.

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