Growing up on microwaved dishes, grilled cheese sandwiches and Oreo cookies, Sage Willow founder, Jessica Lynn Harris’s food preferences were extremely narrow and selective.  Described as a picky eater who would never be a good “date” for dining out, Jessica was accustomed to selecting foods that were bland, over-processed and lacking in nutritional value.

After experiencing numerous medical concerns, Jessica eventually recognized that the body, like a vehicle, needs substantial nourishment and “healthy fuels” to run effectively.  When not drawing awareness and care to the ingredients going into the body, we do not provide the body with the diverse vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are necessary for the body to flourish and maintain a satisfactory internal balance.  Our mental clarity, physical strength and endurance, immune system and overall well-being are therefore affected. 

Jessica eventually diversified her taste palette, recognizing the immediate effects that food choices make on the internal equilibrium, mental capacity and physical comfort level of every day living.  Consciously making healthier choices has provided substantial health improvements for Jessica.  Now, she is eager to incorporate these concepts into her therapeutic practice as well.

Her current meal regime includes meals that are organic, gluten-free, minimally processed with no refined sugars, no GMOs and no artificial sweeteners.  All non-meat projects are typically vegan.  However, she enjoys organic meat and fish without nitrates and added hormones.  Eating a balanced variety of vegetables and fruits is also an essential component to her diet.  Each individual has specific desires and nutritional concerns, which should result in a diet that is tailored to their unique needs.




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