Jung at Art: Mandala Workshop


Jung at Art: Mandala Workshop

from 60.00

When:  September 27th 4pm-7pm-- PAST


Where:  Blue Lotus Art Studio
912 Sherman Avenue, Evanston IL 60202

Cost: $60 fee (including materials)
3 CEUs (+ $15)

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No art making experience necessary!

The circular form of the Mandala has held religious, creative and cultural significance for many centuries.  Mandalas have been used across cultures in various forms for community celebrations, healing rituals, meditation practice and as a psychological and spiritual process for achieving personal insight.  The mandala was an especially meaningful and well-known tool used by Carl Jung. He recognized its power in his clinical work with patients and used the sacred art form to access and explore unconscious symbolic material in his personal life, as seen in The Red Book.  

In this experiential workshop, participants will learn the basics of creating a mandala and process their experience through simple writing activities and sharing of images. Participants will also learn ways to support an on-going practice of working with mandalas to increase self-awareness, promote relaxation and develop artistic self-expression for personal use or in therapeutic work with clients.



Through involvement in the creative process we bring forth life, fashioning it, and ourselves, anew.
— Art as Medicine, 120