Sage Willow founder, Jessica Lynn Shell, incorporates yoga in her home-based therapy practice as well as studio settings, where clients can integrate a mind-body connection for deeper mental clarity, physical restoration and an overall sense of wellbeing.  

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board Certified Art Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Jessica specializes in working with children, adolescents, prenatal and postnatal women, and those experiencing depression or anxiety.  She works with individuals of all ages and levels of experience.

Jessica enjoys working with women in all stages of pregnancy and beyond.  Her gentle, compassionate approach allows women in pregnancy to find a source of strength and solace as they navigate this miraculous yet challenging terrain.  Her mommy-and-me classes create beautiful bonding opportunities while easing mom’s tensions and discomforts and engaging children in imaginative yoga exploration.  Jessica also works with individuals experiencing emotional, behavioral, developmental and sensory issues.  As Jessica utilizes the tools gained in Radiant Child Yoga training, she has found a dynamic and imaginative way to aid children in improving self-awareness and coping strategies while engaging in playful, creative fun.

Jessica strives to enrich the lives of others through yoga practice that honors each individual’s experience with compassion, empathy and gratitude.  A safe, comfortable space provides a nurturing, loving practice where all can reap its benefits.  Restorative, gentle options for self-care balance with focus on empowerment, strength and dynamic movement.  Jessica creates individualized sequences to honor the needs of the participants. 

Jessica promotes individual wellness through the use of expressive arts, cognitive-behavioral techniques, yoga and mindfulness practices.She founded to provide a holistic experience through services that include individual counseling, group and family counseling, individual and group yoga, expressive arts therapy and creative arts workshops.