Stepping out of my comfort zone I joined the efforts of Counseling Connections at the Autism Awareness 5K in Libertyville IL... my first organized run EVER!  

My coworkers and I recalled our fondest moments working with children on the autism spectrum and used these memories to focus and fuel our energy for the run.  

I recognized the discomfort of trying something new and scary.  Something I know my clients endure in their struggle to engage and connect.  

Yet, when I embraced the moment with positive thoughts, soaking in the wonderful team and surrounding participants, I had fun!  

What an amazing opportunity to meet fellow professionals striving towards the same goal of enriching lives touched by autism.  

Besides that, I got to sport a team shirt logo and artwork that I co-created.  After all the hard work, I was pleased with the outcome.

Now I have the urge to partake in more organized runs!  

I owe it all to my ASD clients, my coworkers, my supportive man and the amazing community!

Counseling Connections ASD clinic offers a wide range of services to meet the therapeutic and developmental needs of individuals on the autism spectrum disorder.  I was proud to represent them and look forward to future opportunities!

AuthorJessica Lynn Shell