I have found that using the mandala, especially with those resistant to the art-making process, can be very soothing and healing.  There are several ways to "warm up" to the creative expression, as a blank piece of paper can sometimes feel daunting and uncomfortable.

Some major art therapy myths to tackle for the resistant client include:

  1. I must be “good” at art in order to create art
  2. If my art is not “good”, then I will be judged and rejected
  3. Art is for children, not adults
  4. Art has no value for my mental and physical health
AuthorJessica Lynn Shell
CategoriesArt Therapy

Stepping out of my comfort zone I joined the efforts of Counseling Connections at the Autism Awareness 5K in Libertyville IL... my first organized run EVER!  

My coworkers and I recalled our fondest moments working with children on the autism spectrum and used these memories to focus and fuel our energy for the run.

I recognized the discomfort of trying something new and scary.  Something I know my clients endure in their struggle to engage and connect.

AuthorJessica Lynn Shell